Not Just Athletics, Athletic Excellence

At Tyler ISD, we are committed and equipped to provide your students with the best facilities, training, exposure, and competition to achieve their academic and extra-curricular goals. The level of attention to preparation for college and career pursuits at our campuses is unmatched and substantiated by the number of success stories our students have and will continue to create.

If you want your child to have meaningful experiences that will prepare them for the challenges they will encounter in the next chapter of life, we're the program for you.

What defines our athletic programs?

Our goal is for your child to advance in education and athletic performance. We achieve these goals through:





What We Offer

1) High-Intensity Academics

We eliminate educational limitations, both in the classroom and in the arena of competitive excellence. Learn more about our academics.

2) Highest-Level of Competition

Tyler Legacy High School is the only 6A school in East Texas, and Tyler High School is one of the larger 5A schools in the region. This places these schools in extremely competitive divisions and districts.

3) State-of-the-Art Athletic Facilities

Across all of our district's campuses, you will find state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, a stadium, workout rooms, gyms, tennis courts, and several turf fields. Our student-athletes play with the best, at the best. See our facilities here and learn more about facility rentals.

4) Access to Healthcare

Tyler is the regional healthcare hub, with three significant hospitals, utilized by all of East Texas. Choosing Tyler ISD allows your student-athlete to be closest to and have direct access to the best healthcare system in East Texas. Learn more about our health and safety.

5) Mental Health Progression

You cannot be at your physical peak performance without being mentally strong. Our athletic programs offer leadership training, teamwork, and counseling built in for your child's mental health.

From our Campus Coordinators

“We don't just offer the opportunity to play for a tradition rich athletic program, but we offer a great structure that helps guide our athletes to a successful future, and the opportunity to continue their education at the highest level.” - Coach Ricklan Holmes

“We offer the best experience, education, and training you can find in East Texas. Our focus is on developing every aspect of the student-athlete through our core values. We believe that what they learn from the game will serve them well in the future, no matter what they choose to do career-wise. We also offer those that are seeking to use athletics as a vehicle to further their education. We provide your child with the most up to date and accurate information on recruiting as well as a comprehensive network of contacts in college sports. If you are wanting a great experience and high-level development for your student, Tyler Legacy is the only program competing at the state’s highest level in East Texas. We have placed more players at every level of college than any program in East Texas over the past five years. We have the best facilities, a supportive coaching staff, and every advantage you can imagine here at Tyler Legacy High School. Come join our mission to be the best in the State!” - Coach Joe Willis

There are many reasons why you should choose Tyler ISD.

If you are impressed with our athletic program offerings, you should check out the rest of what we offer. Visit our district website.